Monday, February 18, 2013

WARRIOR: The Many Meanings

Do you ever feel there is a theme of sorts swarming around you...that it's impossible not to notice?  Like there is a big web around you, showing you something?  Or telling you something?  

I get this...not all of the time, but when I do, I listen.  I take note.  I become super in tuned, and I let it come at me.  It feels like many different things coming together, yet all with one nucleus...threads from all over the place being strung together.

Some people call it serendipity, others synchronicity...or God, or coincidence, or many other things, I'm sure.  For me, when it happens, it takes on a magical essence, and I open right up and listen! 

Ok, let me explain this, so that it makes some sense rather than sounding crazy...

Right before my trip to Los Angeles, the word warrior started appearing in a vast amount of ways over a short period of time: a new song came on about living like a warrior, a speaker I was listening to talked about being a warrior, a book cover with the title involving the word warrior, yoga poses focused on in class were of the warrior family.  It just seemed to go on.  

It was at that point, I began to notice that much of my trip to L.A. was centered around warriors.  My plans included meeting up with many different warriors.  And I realized that I too was a warrior.  I had never called myself that before this point, but after all that was going on with this warrior theme, I allowed myself to see that I have warrior at my core.  

So, here is where this warrior experience led realize that warriors are all different, that people define warrior in so many amazing ways, and that we ALL have some warrior in us, it's just a matter of finding it and doing something with it.  And here's what was found while in L.A. on this warrior journey:

I met up with mother/author/sun safety educator/melanoma warrior Hillary Fogelson,who wrote the incredibly witty and informative book Pale Girl SPEAKS. Right now, Hillary is revving up for an incredible event she heads up,called Miles for Melanoma Run/Walk, which will take place May 4th in the Los Angeles area.  Please check it out and consider becoming involved!
Respect the Rays & Pale Girl SPEAKS together!

I was also blessed to be able to meet up with a childhood friend who grew up in Pacific Palisades (where I did), who recently had melanoma on his face.  He is just starting to embrace the seriousness of this disease and is getting on board with his sun safety practices!  Go warrior, Geno!  Oh, and I must mention that after Geno's diagnosis, his mother went for a full body skin check, and found out she too had melanoma!!!

Me & Geno lovin' our UPF hats and sunscreen!

When I asked, "What does the word warrior mean to you?" on Respect the Rays, I got so many beautiful responses.  Here are some of the responses that were shared:

"Big fighter, prepared for meaningful battle."

"Never giving up the fight...even if you won your own battle."

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."

"Fighting against all odds...but continuing the fight no matter what."

In the midst of all this, I reached out to an incredible artist friend of mine, Robert Sturman to talk to him about the idea of creating something together that would represent my definition of warrior. And we did!
Fallen Warrior Pose 

There are many definitions of the word warrior, many ways to become one, many ways to express it, and many ways to make use of it.  We are all different, yet all connected in this melanoma journey.  Warriors, we are!

Matisyahu's song Live Like a Warrior

 Are YOU a warrior?  What does it mean to YOU?

*This post is dedicated to all warriors with wings...two of which earned their wings while I was on my trip- Jen and Briana.

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  1. The World is still dark as I arise to face, the uncountable small instances that define my Existence place. My Path is already determined for I unreservedly ask for Guidance to go out on it, with Poise, calmness and Grace. I do not fight to constantly hold Death away from its cold cold embrace. Nor do I taunt it daily by testing, against mine, its strength! No one gets out of here alive, and one cannot guarantee how long they will thrive. I Live each day as if its a good day to die, by Living fully each and every moment by Giving away all of my Pie. And thus when Death does come to take my hand into that Next Room, I will gladly go as a child happily skipping along a Circus midway with a big beautiful glorious magical balloon!